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  If COLA is compounded (based on last years income), their COLA will increase at a greater rate each year.
  See an example of the power of a COLA here:

5 Retirement Scenarios

The following are the 5 possible things that can happen in retirement. We cover each one in our PensionMax Report.

With a pension maximization strategy
, in most cases, if the retiree is insurable, they and their family will receive more money and have more control over their survivor benefit.

3. Spouse Dies Before Retiree

1. Both Retiree & Spouse Live Long in Retirement

* In most cases, the retiree receives less retirement income.

* If a pension cost of living adjustment exists, the retiree receives more COLA each year from selecting highest income option.

5. Emergency Cash is Needed in Retirement

* Depending on the life insurance product used, the policy can accumulate cash value over time which is available if needed.

* The retiree can surrender the insurance policy and receive any cash accumulated or change beneficiary without a recalculation in income.

2. Retiree Dies Before Spouse

* In most cases, more income is received until the retiree's death.

* Spouse receives the lump sum insurance death benefit tax free or receives it in installments and pay taxes on the interest earned only.

4. Both Retiree & Spouse Die About the Same Time

* Insurance death benefit can be passed on to the couple's estate.

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Pension Option
Pension Maximization

* In most cases, the retiree receives more retirement income.

Pension Maximization
Pension Option

* In most cases, any remarriage or change in beneficiary will result in a recalculation of pension income.

Pension Maximization
Pension Option

* Spouse's pension income is taxed at ordinary rates.

Pension Maximization

* The retiree stays at the pension's maximum income level.  

* In most cases, no cash is available for emergencies.

Pension Option
Pension Maximization
Pension Option

* In most cases, all benefits cease after the second death.

* The retiree may stay at the reduced income level for life.

* No cash is refunded to retiree.