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Insurance agents and financial planners have difficulty getting a pension maximization strategy to actually maximize income for their clients.
Here is why:

1. They select life insurance coverage for their client based on a present value calculation at retirement.

2. Often, no further analysis is done to determine how much coverage is needed in future years to stay comparable to what a retiree's beneficiary would receive from their pension. Cost of living adjustments, changes in life expectancy and decreases in the beneficiary's estimated total payments from the pension all impact the amount of life insurance coverage needed over time.

3. The end result is either a level death benefit which over insures the retiree and is costly or worse, a guess at how much insurance is needed in future years.

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The "Retirement Option Planning- Pension Maximization"© software we use for our PensionMax Report is actuarially certified. 
It is a component of the "Early Out Retirement Planning"©  software package which is not available to the public at this time.  See our actuarial certification below.

The software's 287 step algorithm calculates life insurance coverage needs in ALL years of retirement. 
Should a retiree die at any time, the insurance death benefit their beneficiary receives approximates what their pension would have provided in future pension income.

Cost of living adjustments (compounded or non-compounded), changes in life expectancy, changes in accumulated pension survivor income and after tax effects are all factored into our report.

Our PensionMax Report is the most in-depth pension maximization resource available today.

View the sample reports, plug the premium and death benefit schedules into your insurance browser and see for yourself.

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