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William Devereaux, Sr., C.S.A
"Retirement Option Planning- Pension Maximization"© Software Author

William Devereaux Sr. has sold thousands of pension maximization in his career as a life insurance agent.  He is the author of several innovative computer software programs:

"Retirement Option Planning- Pension Maximization"© for individual retirees.

"Early Out Planning"© for early retirement plans for school districts and municipalities.

"Pension Option Planning"© for helping to solve unfunded liability problems.

William has been a multiple year member of the Life Insurance Million Dollar Round Table and elected to the New England Mutual Life Insurance Company Hall of Fame.
He is listed in Oxford's Who's Who- The Elite Registry of Extraordinary Professionals (1991-1992 edition) and National Register's Who's Who in Executives and Professionals (2004-2005 edition).

He won the Michigan State High School Mathematics Competition.

He is available for consultation and can be reached at (800) 608-9419 ext. 1.




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